Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my server banned for using this?
No. Your server cannot get termed using our boosting service, as our service is 100% legal.
Why are your prices so cheap?
Our prices are so cheap as we use private & unique methods to get cheaper discord server boosts, everything is following the law, so that we wont be doing any illegal action.
Where can I contact you?
You can contact us via Discord or Telegram.
Why can't I pay with PayPal/Venmo/GiftCards on the website?
Actually, Venmo, PayPal & Giftcards are only being accepted opening a ticket in our Discord server.
How much time does it takes to get my server boosted?
Our service is fully automated! Your server will be boosted within 30 seconds after your payment has been confirmed.
I am having issues making a purchase. What can I do?
Please contact our Support Team available on our Discord Server. We will be with you to help with your order as soon possible.
My order went wrong! Where can I contact a support team to solve my issue?
You can contact us via Discord or Telegram.